Giulia Toscanelli

graphic designer


inspiring / cool / stylish / simple / creative

My name is Giulia and I'm pretty close to graduating in Graphic Design & Art Direction at NABA, in Milan. I've always been interested in art as a child. I loved spending my time with a pencil and rubber in my hand drawing, but I never imagined that it would one day become my profession. In these years I've learnt what graphic design really is, and I'm still convinced! I'm always ready and willing to improve my skills. Never stop learning!


WhoI am

When I'm not studying, I like to play playstation until my eyes bleed, hanging out with friends, travelling which is the thing I prefer to do most, and working with those pixels which probably will be with me on my way forever and ever. I consider myself a cheerful person and I couldn't live without the sun because I get very depressed. I live in a small town in Switzerland, but my plans and my dreams have always been big!

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Contact Me

via Soave 9a, 6830 Chiasso, Switzerland

phone: +41 91 683 46 15